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Faculty Houses :

The University acknowledges the fact that the Faculty is the most prized possession it has. Moreover, the University is committed to the professional and individual growth of the Faculty and hence ensures that the Faculty is properly taken care of. In this regard a major step is providing spacious and hygienic accommodation to them. The Faculty Houses are within the campus and so are the houses for the administrative staff.

Industry Institution Partnership :

Taking advantage of the unprecedented growth in service sector, the university has sought industry sponsorship for deserving students at the commencement of the courses. With a full fledged department dedicated to give thrust to industry institution partnership, the university plans to ensure placement right at the onset of courses.

Placement :

For the remaining students, on campus interviews will be organized with reputed companies by the placement cell of the university to ensure jobs in the relevant industry.

Career Councelling Cell :

In order to develop a close rapport with the industries, factories and Libraries, an Industry Institute Interaction Cell has been established & headed by Training and Placement Officer. The following functions are performed by this cell.

  1. To arrange the extension Lectures by eminent subject experts.
  2. To arrange staff development training programmes.
  3. To arrange for the training of students in various industries and institutions.
  4. To exchange relevant information of mutual interest.
  5. To monitor the Industrial training and its internal evaluation.
  6. Campus interviews are also conducted from time to time. Some of the industries, Libraries and hospitals are interacting with this institute.

Guest House :

The university has an International Guest House on campus, equipped with all modern facilities, including a rejuvenation centre.For accommodating visiting faculty and family members of residential students, who might like to visit the students from time to time.

Herbal Garden :

The university has an Herbal Garden in the campus which has a large variety of herbal medicinal plants.It is very good place for visiting and learning cure of different diseases as all the plants have a discription plate with its name, properties and medicinal values. A similar type of small garden having medicinal plants is also there in the BAMS campus.

Gurukul Pharmacy :

There is an old gurukul pharmacy in the BAMS Campus from whre Chawanprash, Drakshavleh, Churna etc can be purchased on nominal charges. A self regulated well-equipped pharmacy unit to prepare various traditional and self formulated medicines for the hospital requirements. The pharmacy manufacturing is supported by sprawling herbarium garden where more than 200 species of herbs are grown.

Conference Hall :

The Institute is also provided with a state of the art conference hall for carrying out small conferences and meetings. The fully air conditioned conference hall has a capacity of about 25 people and in it's quite and peaceful ambience is the ideal place for members to talk with other members and share everything from teaching methods, to current hot topics in the industry to requirements and expectations of corporate world. The conference hall helps in providing a suitable place for conferencing, meetings, lectures and audio/ visual ­presentations on a small scale. Comfortable seating arrangements plus a mike at every seat provides the members taking part in the conference to share their views with other members more easily.

Auditorium :

Keeping in view the Importance of Extra-curricular and various Academic affairs the University is proposing modern Auditoriums for the students.

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