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Laboratories :

All the Departments of the Institute are equipped with AC Computer Laboratories with internet and networking facilities in latest PC's with TFT Screens. The Institute has various departmental labs and Workshops. There is also a Language lab in it.

Institute is committed to impart proper practical training to the students through well equipped laboratories in various disciplines :

    • Physics Laboratories
    • Pharma-Chemistry Laboratories
    • Pharmaceutics Laboratories
    • Pharma Cognosy Lab, Human Analoniy and Physiology, Pharmacology Laboratories
    • Bio-Chemistry and Clinical Pathology Laboratories
    • Analog & Consumer Electronic Laboratories
    • Digital and Microprocessor Laboratories
    • Communication Laboratories
    • BEE and Machine Laboratories
    • Electronic Workshop
    • Basic Workshop
    • Chemistry Laboratories
    • Drawing Hall
    • Fashion Technology Laboratories
    • Office Machinery and Equipments Laboratories
    • Six  Fully A.C  Computer Laboratories
    • One Computer  Hardware Laboratory
    • Surveying Laboratories
    • Model  Making Laboratories

    Learning Laboratories :

    Through Audio Visual Lab (Learning Laboratory) knowledge of various fields is imparted to the students through printed & non-printed materials. The library services at B.P.S.M. Polytechnic are provided to the students, staff and faculty member for updating their knowledge and supporting the research, and teaching learning activities. These services are provided through the central library keeping in view the fast changes in technology. The knowledge base of the library is updated regularly by way of adding new literature in the form of text books, reference books, reports, proceeding, abstracts & indexes, encyclopedias, data books, standard Journals & data base on CD-ROM. Apart from adding the new literature the basic literature is also procured for the new programmes along with current one. Some new section and services are also being started to make the library services of ISO 9001:2008 standard.

    Language Lab :

    This Computer lab-5 is located at first floor of old building .There are various software available in this lab are Clarity SnetClass communication lab, automation, Microsoft office.

    In this lab Communication lab is also established to meet the communication needs of students as the communication competence is the first and foremost requirement to excel in the outer world and to establish in the life. The lab provides the students with the opportunities to improve all their language skills i.e. listening, speaking, reading and writing. They are given real life like situations in the lab to handle the practical issues in day to day life.

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