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Person with Disablity Scheme

The PWD Scheme as we call it, a centrally sponsored scheme for integrating person with disablity in the main stream of technical and vocational education was started by Ministry of Human Resource Development (Govt. of India) in the year 2000-01 in accordance with the "National Policy on Education - 1986" and "Person With Disablity Act - 1995".

For the purpose of integrating person with disability in the mainstream of technical and vocational education, some polytechnics were selected from all over the country. The scheme proposed to train 25 students through diploma programs and to train 100 persons through vocational/skill development programs through these selected polytechnics. The diploma students with disablity are given formal education inclusively with the regular students whereas the vocational/skill development programs are organized for person with disabilities residing in the vicinity of the polytechnics to provide them wage or self-employment opportunities in the nearby areas.

A total of 50 polytechnics were selected from all over India. B.P.S. Mahila Polytechnic, Khanpur Kalan is one of the 15 polytechnics selected from Northern Region.

Er Pawan Dahiya
Project Incharge
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Sh. Yashpal Girdhar
Project Champion
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